Wanted to groove to the music but have two left feet? We will teach you the right way to shake things up!!

Couleur Swing offers all popular types of dance classes in London. If you love to shake your body, groove to the tunes, want to get fit, try something new or are even inspired by all the dancing shows on TV or are just looking for a fun way to meet new people, then we aim to give you the best dance experience!

We offer dancing instructors for various types of dancing styles:

Adult Ballet

Bollywood Dancing

Club Dancing Classes


Swing Dance Classes

Ballroom & Latin

Brazilian Samba

Diva Dance


Private Dance Classes

Belly Dancing

Brazilian Zouk

Latin Dance

Street Dance

Wedding Dance Classes


Guitar Set-Up 101!

In a world with multiple guitar geeks and nerds in existence, the word ’set-up’ is used around like nobody’s business. You could often hear it being combined with guitar terms like action, neck-relief, as well as intonation. Well, it’s alright if you have no clue what we are talking about. Think of this blog as a Google translator for all you amateur or uninformed guitar players/lovers out there. And before you know it, you will be throwing around all cool and hip guitar lingos around. But, first let’s get back to why we are here in the first place. A

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5string Left Handed Bass Guitar

You just don’t expect to encounter the playability, tone, and features the EP5 offers in this price range. The Honduras mahogany body joins the graphite-reinforced maple/pao ferro neck/fingerboard at the 23rd fret without a heel, delivering rich harmonics and tone color. Equipped with EMG active EQ, a U.S. Masters split humbucker, Sperzel locking tuners, and a Graph Tech trem nut, this bass plays in tune and STAYS in tune. The offset conical fingerboard plays easy with low action and a consistent, intuitive feel. U.S. Masters EP5 5-String Electric Bass Left-Handed Features: Graph Tech trem nut aids in tuning and maintaining

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My Favorite Singers

I am very much a rock and jazz fan and I must admit an aversion to most country western music. As a child, I was subjected to Jim Reeves and Charley Pride, as my Mother was a keen fan. I blame the fact that she was raised in Scotland. For some reason, it seems to be popular there. So, ever since childhood I have avoided country western music like the plague. There are many objections surrounding the genre. The fashions for one. Fringed jackets, rhinestones and Stetsons are a little over the top. It doesn’t matter how you dress it

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So what are you waiting for put on your dancing shoes and get in touch with us!!