If you are a professional or advanced drummer, chances are you already have a very good idea of what type of drum set you wish to buy and you probably know where to get them. However, if you are a beginner and you are just about to purchase your first set, you will probably be less confident about finding the best bass drums or snare drums for sale and you may not even be that sure what to look for.

Fortunately there are a lot of great resources online regarding what you, as a beginner, need to buy. You can also find reviews of different brands of drum sets which should help you in making your first purchase. If you need additional advice, it is always a good idea to visit a shop that sells musical instruments and drums and ask for their recommendations as well.

What A Beginner Drummer Needs

There are many different styles of drums on the market, ranging from djembe drums for sale to African drums for sale, or steel drums for sale, however this article will deal mainly with the type used in rock bands or by western style musicians who play English songs; those normally found in a regular drum-set.

While it is possible to learn to play drums using only a bass drum, snare drum and a cymbal it is probably best to start out with a five piece drum set as that is what is most commonly used. This set will include a bass drum, snare drum, floor tom and two mounted tom toms. You will need to buy a cymbal set separately; these are often sold as a pre-pack.

Some other items you will need include a drum seat, a cymbal stand and a foot pedal. Sometimes these are included when you buy a drum set but often they are not. While it is very tempting, in order to cut costs, to choose not to purchase a proper drum seat it is highly advisable to do so–even if you are just learning.

Brand Name Drumsets or Not?

It is usually recommended to stick with a good brand name drumset, even if just beginning. You can be assured that the quality will be up to par and you can purchase entry-level drums, as opposed to the most expensive set of Pearl drums for sale, including a Pearl snare, for example. Some good brands to consider for starters include Pearl, Yamaha, Mapex, Premier and Ludwig. Not only will the set produce a more reliable and consistent sound, but the resale value will be much higher if you stick with a name brand. However, you may want to choose a non-name brand cymbal set for starters, mainly because the name brand sets are usually very expensive. Both Camber and Solar cymbal sets should be fine for a beginner.

Should You Buy Second Hand Drumsets?

While it will definitely be cheaper to purchase a second hand drumset, you will find repairs often need to be made in order for the set to be useable which can add to the cost. Drums also get quite a beating, literally, thus the general wear and tear on them is usually quite high–making it less of an attractive option to buy a used set. You may have to replace tuning lugs and drum heads which alone can cost up to $100 or more. You should also take an experienced drummer with you when looking at used sets as they will be able to spot any potential problems much easier than someone who has had little experience playing drums.

How Much Does A Drumset Cost?

They range in price depending on how many pieces are in the set and how high-end the set is. A name brand beginner set will probably cost around $400 on up. For example a 5-piece entry level set of Mapex drums for sale costs around $430. An entry level Yamaha set, the Manu Katche Signature Junior Kit costs close to $1000 however. Used sets will normally cost somewhere between $200 to $800.