Impressive! It has all the styling and functionality of a vintage Jaguar hotrodded with 2 Dragster humbuckers, a 24″ short-scale neck, rosewood fretboard, and Adjusto-Matic bridge with anchored tailpiece. All packaged in a very sharp black and chrome color scheme.

Fender Jaguar HH Features:

Alder body

Maple neck with rosewood fretboard

24″ scale length

2 special-design Dragster humbuckers

Controls: Lead Circuit, 2-position tone switch, volume, tone, and on/off slide switches for each pickup

Vintage-style Adjusto-Matic bridge with anchored tailpiece

Vintage-style tuners

Dare to be different. Play the Jaguar HH and you’ll stand out from the crowd. Order today.

An axe that ain’t afraid to get down and dirty!

Many players are looking for a deeper, stronger sound and Fender has provided it with the 30″ scale Jaguar Baritone Custom. A fixed Adjusto-Matic bridge with stop tailpiece keeps tuning stable, and Jaguar’s control layout makes tone-shaping easy. Vintage Jaguar styling gives it a totally cool vibe. Alder body, vintage appointments, and rosewood fingerboard. Traditional Jaguar controls: volume and tone for each pickup, pickup on/off switches, and mid-tone cut/out switch.

Fender Jaguar Baritone Custom Features:

28-1/2″ scale

Alder body

Maple neck

Rosewood fingerboard

Vintage-style tuners

21 medium-jumbo frets

2 single-coil Jaguar pickups

Fixed Adjusto-Matic bridge with anchored tailpiece

Vintage Jaguar switching: master volume and tone for each pickup, pickup on/off switches, and mid-tone cut/out switch

Fender Jaguar Baritone Custom Includes:

gig bag

Dare to be different. Order the Jaguar Baritone Custom today and play one of the coolest of all guitars.

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