Who was your favorite teacher during your entire schooling career? Just as learners are different, so teachers are different as well. However, while outstanding teachers, such as a piano teacher are outstanding for different reasons, the best teachers oftentimes share characteristics.

One characteristic of fantastic piano teachers is that they remain students even as they work as teachers. In other words, they are constantly dedicated to, and learn from their profession. The best teachers never cease learning themselves.

Another characteristic of outstanding piano teachers is that they have patience. In fact, they have a tremendously high amount of it. Maintaining patience can be particularly trying for a piano teacher. That is partially because a student`s string of sour notes can be quite discombobulating as.

Another amazing ability of music educators is that they are able to use the students` past experiences to boost how much they are able to learn. This makes the student`s learning more “real.” The most meaningful learning experiences that you can have are ones that build on what you already know.

Next, great educators are constantly striving for their students to reach their maximum potential. Of course, each student has different learning and piano playing abilities. However, the best teachers of piano are able to learn that particular potential and then help students to achieve it.

Another characteristic of an excellent music educator is that they know how to motivate individual students. They know how to tweak certain activities so the amount of learning that occurs becomes maximized.

Great piano teachers tend to love their work, and feel that they have the job that they were always destined to have. This does not mean that teachers never feel like throwing up their hands and giving up. However, their overall outlook is positive and they love doing what they do. They would not trade their ability to teach, for gold, diamonds, or chocolate.

Then, there’s the fact that most mentors have the special ability to create a warm environment for their students, even if that environment is online. Their students feel comfortable interacting with them and asking questions.

Additionally, yet another quality of outstanding piano teachers is the ability to help those with different learning styles–to maximize their learning. This includes those students who have special learning needs, which require special attention.

Interestingly, the best mentors also know their students well and their students look forward to being in their teachers` classes, whether that class is online or offline. The relationship between the teacher and student can even result in a lifetime friendship based on mutual respect.

Finally, outstanding piano teachers like being challenged. In fact, they welcome challenges and see them as opportunities rather than as obstacles. Because such teachers have developed excellent relationships with their students, they can work together to deal with various problems.

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