5string Left Handed Bass Guitar

You just don’t expect to encounter the playability, tone, and features the EP5 offers in this price range. The Honduras mahogany body joins the graphite-reinforced maple/pao ferro neck/fingerboard at the 23rd fret without a heel, delivering rich harmonics and tone color. Equipped with EMG active EQ, a U.S. Masters split humbucker, Sperzel locking tuners, and a Graph Tech trem nut, this bass plays in tune and STAYS in tune.

The offset conical fingerboard plays easy with low action and a consistent, intuitive feel.

U.S. Masters EP5 5-String Electric Bass Left-Handed Features:

Graph Tech trem nut aids in tuning and maintaining pitch Continue reading

My Favorite Singers

I am very much a rock and jazz fan and I must admit an aversion to most country western music. As a child, I was subjected to Jim Reeves and Charley Pride, as my Mother was a keen fan. I blame the fact that she was raised in Scotland. For some reason, it seems to be popular there. So, ever since childhood I have avoided country western music like the plague.

There are many objections surrounding the genre. The fashions for one. Fringed jackets, rhinestones and Stetsons are a little over the top. It doesn’t matter how you dress it up, it doesn’t make the song any better. That yodel type twang when the voice cracks with emotion makes me want to weep. Crying is a constant theme thru country western music. It’s not surprising when you consider the lyrics usually involve the death of a pet dog, the failure of the crops and cheating men / women. Where is the joy? Sitting thru a whole album of this is enough to make you drown yourself in a jug of hooch. Continue reading

Steps to Create Your Unique Rap Beats

Rap music is something that a large number of people find very enjoyable nowadays because of the wit and wordplay that’s put into it. However, it doesn’t matter how great the story that a rap single tells, the same as any other tune around, it still will need a great beat for people to really enjoy it. So how is a rap music made to start with? What if you have a lot of lines inside your head that you want to turn into songs but you have no idea how make your own rap beats? Well, you need not worry because in this day and age, technology has just about all the answers to man’s each and every pressing question. All you need to possess is a computer system with a functioning internet connection and some extra space for additional software program and you will certainly get the solution to your questions. Continue reading

Fender Jaguar

Impressive! It has all the styling and functionality of a vintage Jaguar hotrodded with 2 Dragster humbuckers, a 24″ short-scale neck, rosewood fretboard, and Adjusto-Matic bridge with anchored tailpiece. All packaged in a very sharp black and chrome color scheme.

Fender Jaguar HH Features:

Alder body

Maple neck with rosewood fretboard

24″ scale length

2 special-design Dragster humbuckers

Controls: Lead Circuit, 2-position tone switch, volume, tone, and on/off slide switches for each pickup

Vintage-style Adjusto-Matic bridge with anchored tailpiece

Vintage-style tuners Continue reading

Piano Teachers

Who was your favorite teacher during your entire schooling career? Just as learners are different, so teachers are different as well. However, while outstanding teachers, such as a piano teacher are outstanding for different reasons, the best teachers oftentimes share characteristics.

One characteristic of fantastic piano teachers is that they remain students even as they work as teachers. In other words, they are constantly dedicated to, and learn from their profession. The best teachers never cease learning themselves.

Another characteristic of outstanding piano teachers is that they have patience. In fact, they have a tremendously high amount of it. Maintaining patience can be particularly trying for a piano teacher. That is partially because a student`s string of sour notes can be quite discombobulating as. Continue reading

Finding The Best Drums For Sale

If you are a professional or advanced drummer, chances are you already have a very good idea of what type of drum set you wish to buy and you probably know where to get them. However, if you are a beginner and you are just about to purchase your first set, you will probably be less confident about finding the best bass drums or snare drums for sale and you may not even be that sure what to look for.

Fortunately there are a lot of great resources online regarding what you, as a beginner, need to buy. You can also find reviews of different brands of drum sets which should help you in making your first purchase. If you need additional advice, it is always a good idea to visit a shop that sells musical instruments and drums and ask for their recommendations as well. Continue reading

Masterclass – Mixing in Key

If you really want to progress your mixing to the next level, then learning to mix in key is the obvious next step. If you listen to a DJ in a club, or on a mix CD, it’s this that makes the difference between a mix that’s merely okay, and a mix that makes you sit back and say “wow, that’s amazing”.

But what is mixing in key, exactly? Basically, it’s the art of choosing your records so that not only do the beats match up, but the musical elements are in harmony also. All records are in a certain key, whether it’s A, C, G or whatever, and there are certain other keys that will go with those keys and others that won’t. So mixing in key is all about knowing which is which! It’s not, I should point out right now, about only playing records that are in the same key all night: do that and you’d soon find you had a pretty narrow repertoire to choose from! Continue reading

Singing As A Career: How To Make Money With It

Individuals who are determined to make singing a career should weight its advantages as well as disadvantages. While you may perceive singing as exciting, starting a career in music is very challenging. Competition for singers is intense since the high earnings potential and glamour in this profession attract many talented individuals. You can sing in recordings or perform in small and large venues. Before popular singers performed on the “Broadway stage” or the Carnegie Hall, many made money singing in hospitals for the sick, in restaurants as “singing waiters”, “back-up” singers and even working in small cabarets executing “torch songs” and singing in nightclubs. If you really desire a singing career, apart from gaining exposure and experience, you also need to have formal training by taking up voice lessons where professionals can guide and teach you many singing techniques not known to you. When looking for a singing job, people interested will need to know what songs you frequently sing, where you’ have performed, etc. Bring along with you always the following: Continue reading

An Evening Of Egyptian Music And Dance

Amina and the Aswan Dancers did it again! The sold out show at the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts was another stellar example of the kinds of show their fans have grown to expect and they have not yet been disappointed.

I really had to restrain myself from immediately reviewing this show. It would have been too gushy, too emotional, too biased. Driving home from the event, listening at top volume to Susu’s new CD “Nostalgia”, I was feeling a little, well a lot, nostalgic! I realized it was over 30 years ago, that I first saw one of Amina’s productions. That evening show was held at the now closed Pasha Restaurant in San Francisco. I was a baby dancer, performing with the legendary Deann and Dream Dancers at a gala show for Mahmoud Reda and Amina and the Aswan Dancers were the featured group. While the stars of the show were upstairs changing, I along with other troupe members, were allotted the public bathroom to the right of the performing area. I remember fondly, every time the restroom door opened, catching a glimpse of Amina and her group performing! Continue reading

Innovation in World Musical Instruments

In the search for new sounds and new instruments instead of inventing new musical tools it’s a lot easier to develop an existing instrument and add to it musical characteristics of similar instruments. The result is to create a crossover or fusion instrument which is obtained by combining the qualities of two or more existing instruments.

Wow not sure if that was clear.

Anyhow here are some examples.

Remo the drummer’s drumhead company which has been using leading edge technology to bring to the market innovative durable and affordable drumming equipment for decades has kept some of its R&D department busy with the creation of a crossover between a djembe and a doumbek, called a djembek. No joke, it’s true! Look at the picture. Continue reading

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