Music Makers

If you’re interested in making your own music professionally or want to just use a music maker to chill out and have some fun then these music makers listed below will help you decide which is best for your needs.

• Dubturbo Beat Making Software
• Cyber Sequencer
• Magix Music Maker
• Sonic Producer
• FL Studio
• Ableton Live
• Logic Studio
• ACID Xpress

Any of the above music software is good but from personal experience Dubturbo is what I like most. Continue reading

Music Production Software

What software is best for music production?

Because there are just so many programs out there and with new music production software released just about every month it really is hard to keep up with which is best.

We have not tried every program out there but we can tell you how good/bad the music software we have tried is.

Our favorite software for music production is Dubturbo. Why?

Because not only is it a full digital audio workstation(DAW) but the sound kits are some of the best we have heard. Most music software comes pre-loaded with a handful of kits where Dubturbo comes with hundreds of beats as a standard. Continue reading

Getting Free Music Downloads is Very Simple

Internet is a very big source for free music downloads where you will find so many free sites for music downloads. These free sites also have the links for the software for playing music like iTunes.  You can search any song on internet and within some seconds you will get so many options to download it for free. Websites like, etc have the facility for downloading the music with trial version of appropriate software for free.

You can check the reliability of the free websites form other websites like Wikipedia. These sites have the reviews on various free downloading sites. Even you can find the links for other free website on these sites. Peer to peer software are also available for free music downloads on the internet. P2P software can easily download the music posted by others. Continue reading

Easy Piano Lessons

If someone asked you, “Do you want to learn the piano the easy way or the hard way?” how would you reply? In all likelihood you would choose the easy way. Of course, learning the piano always requires a certain degree of dedication and determination. However, you can use certain methods to make your learning less mind-boggling. Here are some methods that can complement easy piano lessons.

One approach that even works during easy piano lessons is to relax the muscles in your fingers and hands when depressing the various keys on the piano`s keyboard. Keeping those muscles relaxed will help to make your playing less stressful. It can seem temping to strike a key like using an anvil, after searching for it for what seems like hours. Avoid doing that! Instead, relax your mind—your fingers will follow. Continue reading

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